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We finance Finnish SMEs through GOS Private Debt I Ky’s debt fund, launched in May 2020. The fund’s investors are Finnish Industry Investment, Savings Banks Group and GOS Consulting Oy. The Fund provides debt financing, typically acting as a complementary financier in cooperation with the Bank. The fund supports the bank’s offering in situations where the entire financing needs cannot be covered by the bank’s products, but can also act as the main financier if necessary. The amount of funding provided by the fund is in the range of 100.000-1.000.000 euros.

Financing decisions are based on a comprehensive economic analysis that is carried out in cooperation with the company. The development of the company’s business and profitability is closely monitored throughout the financing flow period with the help of GOS Dashboard reporting.

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Financial arrangements

We act as advisors in investment projects, M&A transactions and the acquisition of working capital financing, taking responsibility either of the entire process or part of the process, from start to finish.

The financing will be implemented by compiling the most appropriate package of the offerings of various debt and equity providers, public funding sources and GOS Private Debt I Ky.

Financial arrangements made by GOS are always based  on a cash flow modeling and forecast. The evaluation of the project and the financing of cash flow require that the overall picture is reliable and clear. The process proceeds as follows.

  • Financial modelling and financial structure design
  • Preparation of the credit memorandum
  • Negotiations with potential financiers


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